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Alternatives to Western Union

Western Union is an international money transfer service. Western Union operates in many countries. With the help of Western Union, you can send money to the recipient without a bank account – he can grab this money at one of the many Western Union branches.

Key features of Western Union:

  • transfers around the world
  • instant delivery of the translation
  • the commission for the transfer is lower than in banks
  • no need for bank cards or bank account to receive
  • can be sent online or at the Western Union office
  • you can transfer money to a bank account (there will be a more favorable commission, but the transfer will take longer)

Western Union has many advantages, which is why this service has become popular all over the world.

Nevertheless, Western Union is not suitable for every situation and not for everyone.

Disadvantages of Western Union:

  • cannot be transferred to the card number
  • to receive payment you need to visit the office
  • hidden commission in the conversion rate
  • sometimes arising technical problems prevent the transaction, in general, it is inconvenient to fill in the details on the site
  • no support service

In any case, when there are alternatives, we can choose the most convenient and most profitable tool for us. Therefore, consider alternatives to Western Union international money transfers.


PaySend is an international money transfer service.

PaySend benefits:

  • transfer from card to card
  • instant money transfer
  • favorable exchange rate
  • low fixed commission (first transfer without commission)
  • transfer to a bank account is always commission-free
  • minimum of filled details
  • stable operation of the site (not a single technical problem over the years of use)
  • support service is always online
  • no verification and no identification required (registration by phone number)

To make a transfer, follow the link, when registering, enter the invitation code 0d8425 and the first transfer will be commission-free.


TransferWise is another international money transfer service that covers a large number of countries.

TransferWise has good fees but requires user verification.

In general, the transfer procedure is not as convenient as in PaySend.

TransferWise covers fewer countries than PaySend.

To make your first transfer to TransferWise free of charge, sign up using this link.