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Cheap international transfers with PaySend

PaySend promo code for the first free international money transfer: 0d8425

PaySend is a platform for remittances both within countries and between different countries. A unique feature of Paysend is a low fixed commission regardless of the transfer amount. Moreover, the first transfer can be free if you enter the promotional code 0d8425.

The exact amount of transfer charges slightly differs from country to country. For example, for European Union it is €1.50, for United Kingdom it is £1.

PaySend transfers are made from card to card, or from card to bank account. For most banks, the money comes instantly after payment.

A lot of countries are supported: money can be sent from dozens of countries to cards and bank accounts of a large number of countries, currently 70.

Everything is done for maximum convenience: it is enough to know 16 digits of bank card numbers to make a transfer from one to another. No need to enter complex bank details. By the way, even for transfer to a bank account, everything is also simplified as much as possible, sometimes it suffices to simply select the desired bank from the list and enter the account number.

PaySend Commission

The advantage of using PaySend is that if you send money to another country, then an additional commission is not included in the conversion rate, as is done, for example, in the well-known Western Union. Moreover, the conversion rate is chosen the most profitable for a sender, it is closer to the stock exchange rates than the bank rate, which are also fans of earning on conversion.

To find out at what rate your Paysend payment will be converted, and also to find out how much will come to the card in another country, you do not even need to register with Paysend. Just go to the home page of the official site and select the currencies you are interested in:

You will be shown the amount that will go to the recipient, as well as the conversion rate. There will also be shown a transfer fee, which is fixed, for example 1.00 GBP, or free of charge for the first transfer.

By the way, I don’t just spend so much time talking about the conversion rate — there is a huge hidden commission for some money sending services — several times larger than the explicit commission.

You can alternatively specify the amount to receive, and then the amount to be sent will immediately be recalculated:

Sign up PaySend

In any case, before sending the money you will need to register. Registration is simple and tied to a phone number only.

Link to register with PaySend on the official website:

Do not forget to enter the promotional code 0d8425.

Each time, to enter the PaySend website, you will need to enter a message from SMS from PaySend, so register on the phone to which you always have access.

Registration is free, with no subscription fee.

PaySend Transfer

With Paysend, you can send money both domestically and abroad.

At the time of writing, PaySend is available in more than 70 countries around the world, and they are constantly working to expand their global presence. Currently, 49 countries are available for shipping and 70 for receiving money. You can find the current list of countries on the page:

Available transfer options:

  • Transfer to card – transfer from card to card, available for all supported countries
  • Transfer to account – transfer to a bank account, available for not all countries, this is free-of-charge transfer
  • PaySendLink – this feature is that an invitation will be created for the recipient and he will be able to receive money after registering in PaySend

PaySend: how to send money

Click on the New Transfer button:

Select the country and currency of sending and receiving, enter the amount, enter promotional code 0d8425, click the Add button:

Select the Delivery method:

Enter the Recipient details:

Then enter the Sender details and Your card information. Click the Next button and follow the system prompts – they may vary slightly depending on your country and your bank.

That's all – so easy to make a translation.

Transfer to the bank account

If you have chosen Transfer to account as a payment method:

Then pay attention to the zero commission:

Depending on the country of the recipient, the fields for entering bank data may be different. For example, when sending money to Europe, you may need information such as:

  • IBAN account number
  • BIC/SWIFT code
  • Name and surname in Enlish

And, for example, when transferring to Thailand, it is enough to select a bank from the list, enter the account number and the name with the recipient's name:


PaySend raises the quality of international money transfers to the new level: cheap, instant and convenient.

If any problem arises, for example, you have entered a card, the type of which is not supported for this receiving country, then in such a situation your money will simply not be debited. You can try again. If the problem persists, contact the technical support service – an online chat with a living person – there is always a specialist who will help you.