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How to send money to China cheaply

PaySend promotional code for the first fee free money transfer: 0d8425

With the help of the international transfer service PaySend, you can send money transfers to cards of a number of Chinese banks. Money is sent in your local currency and will be credited in Chinese Yuan (CNY).

The exchange rate and the amount to be credited will be shown before the transfer.

You can choose both the amount to be sent and the amount to be credited.

Conversion is carried out at a favorable rate for you, close to the exchange rate.

Additionally, a fixed commission is charged, which does not depend on the transfer amount and is about $2 in your currency. Moreover, the first transfer is carried out without commission if you specify the promo code 0d8425

PaySend can deliver CNY to UnionPay, Visa or Mastercard card accounts in China to the following banks:

  • Debit and Credit cards of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
  • Debit and Credit cards of Bank of China
  • Debit cards of China Construction Bank
  • Debit cards of Bank of Communications
  • Debit cards of China Everbright Bank
  • Debit cards of Hua Xia Bank
  • Credit cards of Bank of Shanghai
  • Debit cards of Linshang Bank
  • Debit cards of Hunan Rural Credit Cooperative
  • Debit cards of Qinghai Rural Credit Cooperative
  • Debit cards of Guangdong Rural Credit Cooperative
  • Debit cards of Henan Rural Credit Cooperative

To send money to China, go to and register using your phone number. Additional verification is not required.

After registration, go to your personal account and click the “New transfer” button.

Enter the amount for payment – you will immediately see how much will come to the recipient's account.

Click the “Save money” button, enter the code 0d8425 and click the “Add” button.

Enter the recipient's details – card number, surname and first name. Name and surname must be entered in Latin (English) letters.

Then you need to enter information about the sender and the details of the card from which you are making the transfer.

After sending, the money will be received within a few minutes.

Remember that you can make the first money transfer without commission, use the promo code: 0d8425

To complete the transfer, follow