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How to send money to India cheap

PaySend promotional code for the first free money transfer: 0d8425

Using the international PaySend service, you can send a money transfer to India from many countries, including the European Union.

Funds can be sent to any bank card in India and they will be credited in Indian Rupees (INR). You can also send money to bank accounts in India.

The transfer is sent in the national currency of your country and converted at a rate favorable to you, close to the exchange rate. A very small fixed commission (about 1 US dollar) is charged for the transfer, regardless of the amount of transfer. Moreover, you can complete the transfer without any commission by specifying the promotional code 0d8425.

It is very simple to send a transfer, and it will be credited almost instantly. The following is a step-by-step instruction on how to send money to India. If you are interested in the legal information on using the PaySend service, then you will find it at the following links:

PaySend money transfers to India

Go to the PaySend payment page:

If you have not registered yet, you will need to register – for this you need a phone number.

Select the sending and receiving currency, and enter the amount to send.

Then click on the “Save money” link and enter 0d8425, then click on the Add button:

Choose one of the options:

  • To card
  • To account

Enter the information about the recipient – for example, if you chose to transfer to a card, then it is enough to provide the card number, name and surname (in Latin).

If you have chosen to transfer to a bank account, then select the beneficiary's account number, the beneficiary's bank, the purpose of the transfer and the recipient's first and last name.

Provide the sender information, then click Continue.

That's all! Transfer to the card will come almost instantly. Crediting to a bank account may take a little longer.

You can make the first transfer to Paysend without commission charge, just enter the promotional code: 0d8425

To start your first transfer, go to