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How to send money to Israel cheaply

PaySend promotional code for the first fee free money transfer: 0d8425

If you need to send money to Israel, then you can do it using PaySend from dozens of countries with a minimum commission or no commission at all.

Benefits of PaySend for sending money transfers to Israel:

  • you can transfer to a bank card
  • easy transfer, no need to fill in extensive bank details, just indicate the card number and the name of the recipient
  • fixed low commission $2 regardless of the transfer amount
  • first transfer is commission free

So, to check the rate of sending, go to the site, select the country from which you will make the transfer and “Israel” as the country of destination. You immediately see the conversion rate and the amount that will be credited to the recipient's account.

If everything suits you, then Sign Up, if you haven't already.

By the way, you can use the PaySend mobile application and make transfers to countries around the world right in it.

Now click on the “New transfer” button.

Select the country and amount to send.

Click the “Save money” button.

Enter promo code 0d8425

Enter card number and recipient's name

Enter the sender's details and you're done! The money will be credited instantly after sending. It's that simple.

Remember that you can make the first money transfer without commission, use the promo code: 0d8425

To complete the transfer, follow