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How to transfer money from card to card without commission

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Almost all banks and services charge fees for transferring money from card to card. The exception is transfers between your accounts. Some banks do not charge fees for transfers within one region.

Let's consider the option of how you can avoid paying a commission for transferring to a card to any region and to a card of any bank.

Each bank card has a bank account

Upon receipt of the card, a bank account is opened for it. The card number is tied to this account and when performing any operations, for example, crediting funds or buying, the bank performs through and outgoing transactions with the account of the cardholder. The card is used to identify the account.

PaySend allows you to send money to a bank account without commission! This is what we will use.

Step one. Find out the bank account of the card.

This can be done in your online banking – in a mobile application or in your account on your bank's website.

Step two. Transfer via PaySend

Start a new transfer and select “To account”:

After that, the commission will be zero.

Anyway click “Save money” and enter 0d8425 promo code, click “Add’ button. This will make your future transfer commission free.

Why transfer to account is better than transfer to card

In addition to the fact that the transfer is done without a commission, large limits are set for transfers to an account number.

You also need to know

Transfers from card to card are carried out almost instantly (the bank may take some time to process, but generally crediting occurs automatically and therefore instantly). As for crediting to a bank account, they quite often take time to process within the bank. For this reason, the transfer to the account can take up to 3 days.

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