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How to transfer money from card to card

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Transfer from card to card can be done in a few clicks with a minimum commission. Using PaySend, you can transfer money to any local card, as well as abroad – to a foreign card.

You can download the PaySend app for your phone or make a transfer directly in your web browser.

Go to the website You need to register on it using your phone number. Additional verification is not required.

In your profile, click the “New transfer” button.

Select recipient country.

Enter the amount to transfer.

Specify the transfer method “To the card”.

Click “Save money” and enter 0d8425 promo code, click “Add’ button.

You only need to know the recipient's card number and Full name sometimes.

Also enter the card details from which the money will be transferred and click Continue.

Money is credited when transferring from card to card within a few seconds.

The fee is about 2 US dollars in your currency.

In fact, you can send money to any card without commission. But for this you need to know the bank account number to which the recipient's card is linked. For details, see the article “How to transfer money from card to card without commission”.

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