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PaySend for phone

PaySend promotional code for the first free money transfer: 0d8425

PaySend is a service for international and domestic money transfers. Allows you to send and receive money in many countries.

Key features:

  • simplicity of transfers – you just need to know the recipient's card number
  • speed – transfers come instantly
  • low fixed commission – only $2 regardless of the payment amount

Moreover, the first transfer can be made without any commission at all – just enter the promo code 0d8425.

To send money abroad or to another card, you can use the official website

You can also install the application on your phone and make translations even more convenient!

Official PaySend App:

Apps work on any phone model and look the same on all platforms. The following will show you how to use PaySend on Android.

PaySend for Android

Install the app in Google Play.

Start it up.

Enter your phone number to receive a verification code.

Enter the verification code.

Enter promo code 0d8425 for free commission.

Since I am a longtime PaySend user, I am shown a list of recent transactions.

To start a new transfer, simply click the “Send money” button and follow the prompts.

Please note that using PaySend, money can be sent to a card number or to a bank account. Transfer by card number is very simple – just provide the card number and the name of the recipient. The translation comes instantly.

Transfer to a bank account is always done without commission! Transactions to bank details usually take longer and take 1-2 business days (depending on the bank). To send using bank details, it is usually enough to select a bank, indicate the account number and the name of the recipient.

Transfer to an account number is not supported by all countries – after selecting a country, you will be shown transfer options. If you see only the transfer “To card”, then for this country there is no way to send it to the account details.

For some countries, some electronic payment systems are also supported.

You can make the first transfer to Paysend without commission charge, just enter the promotional code: 0d8425

To start your first transfer, go to