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PaySend video

PaySend promotional code for the first free translation: 0d8425

PaySend is an international money transfer service. It allows you to make instant international transfers. A large number of countries in Europe, Asia and others are supported: Paysend is available in more than 70 countries of the world and new countries are constantly being added. Currently, dozens of countries are available for sending money transfers and more than 90 for receiving money.

The key advantage of PaySend is the extremely low transfer fee – it depends on the currency and is approximately $1, regardless of the amount of the transfer! Transfers can be made to cards and in this case it is received instantly; or to bank account – this method of money transfer is supported by not all countries, and the transfer takes several business days.

The following is a very short video, so that you can understand how PaySend works:

1) The first is registration (you need a phone number, since two-factor authentication is enabled by default (you need to enter the password and code that comes to SMS)).

2) To send a money transfer, it is enough to select the country of receipt (currency), indicate the amount you want to transfer, the details of the recipient's card (number and name), as well as the data of the sender's card.

3) When you first transfer, do not forget to specify the promotional code 0d8425 so that it is free of charge!

See everything yourself in the video:

If you prefer text step-by-step manual PaySend usage, then refer to this section. To sign up in PaySend, go to the official website

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