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Promo code PaySend. Invite code PaySend

Maybe you already know everything about PaySend and you just need a promotional code (invite code), I will not delay you, here it is: 0d8425

Attention: Promotional code is valid only for international transfers! So you can apply promocode only to international transfers.

And one more note: Some banks charge a fee for a payment. For example, but in Thailand for incoming payments from abroad, a fee of 300 baht is charged regardless of the amount of payment. Specify it in the bank, where do the transfer. This is not a feature of Paysend – this is a feature of the bank to which you make a transfer.

How to use the promotional code?

If you received a promocode, you can use it to make a free-of-charge international transfer in PaySend. To do please, use the following instruction:

  • Log in to your account via or through a mobile application;
  • Enter the destination and either amount "to send" or amount "to receive";
  • Tick the "use a promocode" box;
  • Enter the promocode in the field that appears at the bottom and click the "Add" button;
  • Your transfer fee is now reset to zero;
  • Follow the instructions of the application to complete the transfer;
  • You can track the use of your promocode in your transaction history;
  • In case the transaction was unsuccessful you can re-use your promocode later

Transfer to a bank account without a fee!

Promotional code is valid only for the first sending money. But if you liked the Paysend service, but you don’t want to pay even such a small commission of €1.50 or £1, then you can send money not to the card, but to a bank account – in this case, the commission is not taken! It works for any subsequent money transfer, not only for the first.

In this case, you do not need to worry about filling a large amount of data, as is usually the case. The whole procedure is as simple as possible – to transfer to banks in some countries, it is enough to simply choose the name of the bank from the list and enter the recipient’s account number.

To complete the transfer, go to, enter the invitation code 0d8425 when registering or sending the first international money transfer.